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the vicar of dibley

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David Horton 
Geraldine Granger
 Hugo Horton
Alice Tinker 
Letitia Cropley 
Jim Trott 
Frank Pickle
Owen Newitt 
Lady At Wedding
Dean Akrill
Sarah Mckeown
Andrew Boston
Becky Harris-Cook
Mary Carpenter
Bryan Carpenter
Tony Stone
Luke Fairweather
Beverley Rowles

Production Manager
Stage Manager 
Deputy Stage Manager
Sound Engineer
​Lighting Operator
Scenery Painting
Backstage Crew
Carol Rowell
Diane Stimpson
Ian Gower 
Paul Carpenter
Ashley Smith 
Robert Huntley
Dom Rowell
Ashley Smith
Jeanette Fairweather
Carol Rowell
Ashley Smith
Toni Morina
Robert Huntley
Mark Chapman
Robert Huntley
Carol Rowell

NODA Review

Author: Susan DuPont

A play that still pulls in the punters and fills the hall to capacity, and gives all a really good laugh. And playing in a church gives great atmosphere and definitely the opportunity of staging that wedding as a special ‘effect’ down the aisle.

An excellent set split for action and offering the space required by using the width of the church, good atmosphere throughout. The director had faithfully followed the edicts and moods of the original TV series so we all felt at home with the story and the characters under the direction of Carol Rowell (assisted Diane Stimpson).

Sarah McKedwin as Geraldine looked the part, interacted so well with the other members of the PCC, and had good bubbling personality. Dean Akrill as David ruled both his committee to his will, and his son, all with easily rising temper and dominance. Bryan Carpenter as Jim in his stage debut managed all those ‘noes’ in the stutter, and Luke Fairweather as Owen was powerful in his agricultural interpretation, whilst as Frank Pickles Tony Stone was quite aggravating in his pedantic secretarial duties. A lot of knitting going on amongst that terrible food from Mary Carpenter as Letitia, and the one-liner bombshell from Beverley Rowles delivered with style. And to the blonde dizzy and could we believe her naivity Alice from Becky Harris-Cook, constant in her characterisation, and how well she played to both Geraldine and Hugo. As Hugo Andrew Boston had the age and looks, but not the common sense, a perfect foil for intolerant father and adoring girlfriend. And as said the wedding sequence quite a triumph in this church.

An evening enjoyed by the packed audience with happy memories of the original.

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